Sanctuary Gardens and Wellness will continue to specialize in native plants and responsible landscaping. Our goal is to assist homeowners and business return landscapes to native states and reducing water usage. Our plant inventory will capitalize on providing a friendly, safe and sustainable environment for pollinators and wildlife. 

About the owners​


Sanctuary Gardens is a family and veteran owned Business.  Both Saffron and Jason Fletcher just retired after serving over 21 years in the Army.  They both deployed several times to combat areas. Cedric LeBlanc, the head grower and Saffron's brother,  has a degree in Sustainable Horticulture from Oklahoma State University and previously worked at Prairie Wind Nursery for five years. Celeste LeBlanc (sister to both Saffron and Cedric) and her husband Dylan West love gardening and the outdoors. Everyone at Sanctuary Gardens has a passion for plants and is eager to help with your gardening needs.

Our Vision

At Sanctuary Gardens and Wellness we believe in cultivating gratitude through hard work and connecting with mother earth.  Your garden should be a sanctuary for you and your family as well as native pollinators and wildlife.

Events & Workshops

Gardening for Native Pollinators

This half day class focuses on how to plan your garden space to attract native pollinators throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall.  This not only improves your garden space but helps maintain a healthy population of native pollinators. Call for details and Pricing.


Fall Perennials 101


This 2-hour class focuses on the fall perennials that will do well in Oklahoma.  Often people focus on the Spring perennials and forget that there are many options for the fall. Call for details and Pricing.


Benefits of Native Grasses

This half day class focuses on using native grasses. Planting native grasses has many benefits including reduced water usage. Call for details and Pricing.